Together we redefine
a new strategy and a new vision

Coach & Define

Working together to jointly define the new future of the Company. Build ambitious and agressive plans. Plans to be build per organisation in coherence with global plan.


The leadership team in place executes the newly defined plans with a close support from 3Inv. Quick implementation to move fast into the execution phase.


Excellence in operation is key for success. From Sales, Marketting, support and HR, 3Inv will help ensure the execution is smooth and adheres to the plan and that results are achieved

Years of experience in rebuilding

Experienced Team

We bring a brand new approach to rebuilding companies that are at risk of total failures. Total digitalisation of the Company is at the heart of our strategy Our Team has very strong experience in large Tech Organisations such as Microsoft and Google.

Very unique approach

We work in an atmosphere of trust and support, We build joined objectives that are in both parties interest. We adapt, correct and execute in order to accelerate revenue and profits.

Short timing execution

We usually bring incredible results within a period of 3 to 5 years. People and Technology remains our most powerfull tool. We help build strong Leaders in a new world of Tech and ensure a strong transfer when our mission is close to an end. We are very effective as there is no cost to the Organisation, actions are paid by our results

Our approach is confidential

The funding we bring, our activities within the organisation and all the results are all under strict NDA

Doing the Right Thing


Completed Activities


In Progress


Consulting exclusively

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